Instructors are the key to any successful career change. In order to learn and master a new skill, you must have talented, knowledgeable teachers. Teachers who are willing to answer even the most basic questions, and who know advanced techniques.

At Aesthetics Northwest, the team of instructors complement each other. They love to curious nature of their students, and strive to help you succeed in whichever field you’d like to specialize in.

JoAnne Munro

JoAnne’s passion is teaching students to analyze skin for corrective, anti-aging, and maintenance purposes. Her additional focus on nutrition as it applies to skin is unique in the esthetics and nail care industry. She was one of the select group of educators responsible for introducing Loreal Paris to the United States, and the first to found a school based solely esthetics and nails west of the Mississippi.

JoAnne knows both sides of the beauty industry. She’s owned salons, and serves as a consultant to assist others in establishing successful businesses. JoAnne received her training both in the US and Europe, and integrates both approaches into the school’s curriculum.

Teresa Sheldon

For nearly 30 years, Teresa Sheldon has been inspiring students to become the best salon professionals. She pioneered the body waxing industry, having specialized in waxing and nails in the late-1980s (well prior to the national attention they each receive now). Teresa’s also an acne specialist, so esthetics students receive targeted attention in one of the nation’s fastest-growing problems. Teresa’s extensive experience in actual spas and salons provide behind-the-scenes insights about the beauty industry.