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New Year, New Career!

Aesthetics Northwest Institute Inc. is currently enrolling for Spring and Summer classes. Summer classes have limited availability. If you are interested in a new career in 2024, either Day or Evening, the time to act is now! 

Aesthetics Northwest Institute, Inc. for over 35 years has been dedicated exclusively to educating Estheticians. Our programs, methods and techniques have been proven through the great success of our many graduates over our vast and rewarding history. The Institute is proud to support our many graduates who have found tremendous health, wellbeing, and, possibly most importantly, prosperity in this amazing industry for decades. It is with great warmth and enthusiasm we wish to share this wonderful gift which has been given to us with you.

You can do this; we will help you make it happen.

Schedule the tour for your future today.

P. 425.635.7400

A New Career in a Booming Industry

Now is the perfect time to create a great and rewarding new future for yourself. Become an Esthetician in 5 short months or even a Master Esthetician in only 8 months! The employment opportunities are limitless. The graduates of Aesthetics Northwest Institute Inc. are in high demand.

Place yourself in this enviable position now.

Summer and Fall classes are currently enrolling. Take control of your future today!  

Call: 425-635-7400

Your Education, Your Way

The staff at Aesthetics Northwest Institute inc. understand that our students have a great number of demands on their time. This is why we have developed a flexible program, with small class sizes that allow you to have one-on-one training from our expert educators when it works for you. The Institute is open from 10AM to 9PM Tuesday through Thursday and Saturday 10AM to 3PM. Graduates from our Aesthetics and Master Esthetics Combined program can graduate in as little as 5 or 8 months respectively. Find out how our curriculum fits into your life and start your new career today!

  • Day Program: Tuesday through Friday 10AM to 6PM and Saturday 10AM to 3PM

  • Evening Program: Tuesday through Friday: 6PM to 9PM and Saturday 10AM to 3PM

Advanced Education and Employment Opportunities

The amount of training and education estheticians need has long been up for debate. Many estheticians do little more than attend a “Beauty school” or a “Cosmetology school”, pass a minimal state examination, find a job in a salon, and memorize whatever product line carried there.


This level of knowledge is sufficient to meet some salon owners’ goals: If the esthetician uses only those products, she or he may become proficient at selling them. Many skin care lines cater to this philosophy, offering prepackaged products for four or five different types of skin. Sales are the bottom line, with actual skin treatments secondary to skin care goals of the client. No doubt, monetary gains are essential to continued success, but not at the expense of the client and their skin care needs! 


Fortunately, as the medical profession has embraced esthetics, the demand for solid, advanced esthetics education has skyrocketed. Today’s successful estheticians hold many qualifications beyond a simple certificate to practice, such as problem-solving abilities, knowledge of research methods and available resources, and an understanding of the methodology and science behind a procedure, product or piece of equipment. They have mastered the skill sets related to their focus of practice and can assume responsibility. 


Equally important is the knowledge of what an esthetician cannot do – all of the restrictions and limitations to their practice. An individual with a deep and thorough education from which to draw will know where to turn whatever the circumstance. 


Why is this model in such demand? The reasons are simple: A doctor trying to decide whom to hire is far more likely to choose the better trained candidate. Less time is involved training the new employee because most of the training is in place. Think of the lengths doctors must go to in order to practice – college, medical school, internships, and specialty programs; years of demanding education are part of their background. Naturally they will recognize, prefer, and trust a similar dedication to education. 


As the need for professional estheticians with advanced skills continues to grow Aesthetics Northwest Institute, Inc. has developed one of the most comprehensive Master Esthetician Training Programs available. The program is designed to move the esthetician well beyond the basic esthetics skills with advanced therapies and protocols. In this field of esthetics, education is paramount to the success of the master esthetician. 


At Aesthetics Northwest Institute, Inc. you will learn from the most qualified master educators in the industry (20+ years). Class size is very limited to allow for one on one interaction with your instructors. This will provide the student with the knowledge and understanding of master esthetics as you leave school. Over the last 30+ years Aesthetics Northwest Institute Inc. has graduated thousands of successful students enjoying great personal and financial rewards. We invite you to join in that success!

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